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Sat 15th Apr 2017 - 10:46pm : General

Hello everyone and welcome to the website of FD-eSports! 



Our eSports-Club, which is a region-based Club, is in development phase. However we are a club that has expertise, quality and professionalsm to reach the target we are dreaming about. We are able to get some sponsoring, to get our own jersey, owning a business ect.

Payment is also available if you are reaching our requirements.


We are a club, which is playing in the amateur-league yet, but we are looking for players, who are ambitious to achieve something great. We are a team, a team with hope, ambition, expertise and dreams. Do you think you are able to compete as an amateur or higher in eSports-Gaming? Are you interested to join us? Then contact us! Our contact details are below the requirements.


Live your dream.



(author:1st Admin, xJxzz)






Language skills: english, german (optional)


qualifications: teamplay, ambition, skill, professionalism




Contact details:








Justin Turski

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