TopicHow To Connect Canon Printer To Wifi Without Cable

  • Sat 29th Aug 2020 - 1:16pm

    How To Connect Canon Printer To Wifi without cable? Is this a diddling question? Well, you can definitely achieve this without having to go through an incredibly complicated process. To connect easily to your WiFi network, you should be able to configure your printer and printing should be possible as long as both your computer/device and printer are linked to the same WiFi network. In recent times, printers have advanced considerably and many of them use infrared or Bluetooth for communication while some printers come with Ethernet ports and integrated wireless adapters.

    Just turn on the printer and scroll through the screen to make sure WiFi is on or not. Pick the wireless network, enter the password when you need to, and the network printer will automatically take the IP address. Not every printer will allow you to choose a specific network or key in a password, however.

    Setup software can exist which means you must run the same to find the network and then finish setting the same up. If the printer comes with an Ethernet port, near the wireless switch or router, it can be easily installed. This will help in putting the computer on your WiFi network.

    Whenever you try to set up your printer on your machine, the printer will be found and you can install the drivers you need. You can also connect the local (USB) printer to your computer. On Windows machines, pick the TCP / IP port to enter the printer's IP address when you get a request to enter the port.

  • Tue 29th Sep 2020 - 9:38am

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  • Mon 26th Oct 2020 - 6:44am

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